When our daughter was struggling with her mental health and we were searching for ways we could support her we knew two things:

- We would do anything we could to help her find ways of changing the story or the narrative that was running through her mind that was telling her she wasn’t pretty enough, fast enough, funny enough, smart enough, thin enough, loved enough

- Once we’d found it, we wanted to make sure other teens (and their parents - you’re doing it tough and we see you in this too) would be supported and helped too

There are so many worthwhile charities that deal with mental health in children and teens and they all deserve more funding and more exposure, but while I was struggling to find age-appropriate resources that would help our daughter for the long term, we came across this article:

click here to read article

click here to read article


Jack’s story is amazing, but what really struck me was the idea that thousands of calls to Kids Helpline go unanswered every year - we decided that we never wanted one of our children (or any of yours) to be the child whose call went unanswered - the outcome could be unthinkable. Every purchase made on Rewrite Your Story allows us to donate to Kids Helpline - a Journaling subscription will mean we can donate to Kids Helpline on your behalf every 3 months. We also hope that our journaling kits and affirmation packs would be useful to your family, like they have been to ours, in helping to rewire your child’s (or your) brain to believe in themselves and to see the positive before the negative.