Employee welcome packs supporting mindfulness and your core values


An employee welcome pack done well is a great opportunity to give guidance on what your core philosophies are and show your new hire that you value your people above all else. As you grow, maintaining your culture is vital and our packs help to show who you are and help your new team member rewrite who they are in this new role. Employee Onboarding is about so much more than branded swag.



 Get your team engaged in your vision from day one.

Mindfulness is proven to lower stress levels, increase well-being, improve health and be more present, but its part in improving workplace performance and reducing the presenteeism epidemic is often overlooked. Our Employee Welcome Packs are designed to:

  • Introduce your new hire to the practices of mindfulness

  • Give your new staff a taste of your vibe as a business and as a thriving community

  • Help you give the best on-boarding experience for new staff

  • Encourage goal setting and mission alignment to improve staff retention beyond the probationary period


Old School

(on purpose)

While there are some fantastic apps that can help with goal setting and mindfulness, we believe in order to truly be present, set goals and practice gratitude, time away from technology is key. Our pack helps your new team member to achieve that, as well as giving them the opportunity to get clear about what part they play in your story

Affirmation Card Sub.jpg

Affirmation Cards

When we have a thought, we make chemicals in the brain. If you can rewire your brain to think positively about yourself and your life, you will create chemicals that make you happier. Help your team create a “zen corner” on their desk with these cards.



We live in a never enough culture, where we are hyper connected, and distracted, all of the time. Journaling is a tool that helps us rewire our brain to calm, positive and grateful thoughts. It helps us sleep and is a great way to get clear about what we want in life.


Recommended Reading

Books that speak to your core philosophies as a business are a great addition to the welcome gift for a new team member - hearing about mindset, prioritisation management and leadership from industry leaders is always a good idea.