Rewrite your story
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Rewrite your story
Self-care strategies and resources for your teen - based in science and delivered with love.

What we do every day matters

create the life you deserve from the inside out - let journaling and positive affirmations rewire your brain to see the best in life


mindfulness - peace for you & Your family

Journaling is proven to lower stress levels, increase wellbeing, improve health and be more present, but it’s a hard habit to start, and even harder to keep going. Our Journaling Kit is designed to:

  • Give you the tools to start journaling

  • Give you ongoing help to make journaling a habit

What’s in the Pack?

Journaling Kit.jpg

Your journaling kit includes:

- An A5 cotton covered journal you’d be proud to have in your home

- A set of 8 affirmation cards with a stunning messmate card holder

- A raw wood “My-Space” Door Hanger, designed to let your family know that you need space to be mindful

- Journal Prompts - tips and ideas for how to journal


How does it work?

Get started journaling for $43 - your starter kit includes your first journal, a set of affirmation cards, card holder and a My-Space door hanger (1).png

When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark
— Lewis Carroll