Hello fellow writers! We are the Rewriteyourstory community and ready to welcome everyone to join us with guest posting, Everyone from different spheres, from local start-ups to technology specialists.

Our website is a voice of local businesses and looking for stories, news, or articles to help them reach wider potential customers. But not only them, writing for us could pave the way to reach wider opportunities for you as well. It’s kind of awesome, innit?

While you write us valuable content, we will make sure your work will get wider visibility considering it’s really competitive in the market these days. But one thing to keep in mind, we are looking for quality content rather than quantity. So, before you get started, take a peek at our notes here.

What are we looking for in guest posting?

As we have mentioned, we are trying to help local businesses. Hence, we focus on fresh and innovative stories, lifestyle, culture, and sometimes, history. We would like to export original ideas, inspired perspectives, and market strategies to drive SMBs (Small and Medium Size Businesses) to success. Think about what you would bring to our readers, YOUR readers, does that have any impact or make their life easier? If you are not so sure about that, you are welcome to reach out to us at any moment. If you know what you will be doing but still wondering what about writing form? Then here is it, and please, make sure you follow all of them.

Guidelines for guest posting.

Unique, simple, and curiosity-raising.

People will dull seeing the same heading or story, they will look for distinctive and unique content to spend their time with. But different yet difficult to understand wouldn’t do the trick. Grab their attention with a simple, not plain, and try to raise their curiosity. For example, “Everything you need to know about koalas in Australia”, how about that? If you are an animal adorer, you’d definitely click the line, but what if you are not? How about this, “10 things about koalas you wouldn’t believe, the last one is hilarious!”, now that is what we call, ‘curiosity raising’.

You would react like “yikes! that’s totally a Youtube thumbnail syndrome”. Well, we would argue about that, but we are talking about the idea of how to grab readers’ attention in 1 second and just for the headline. Because 2 things unarguably here 1) that’s a wicked approach 2) how hilarious would it be? And in most cases, a simple and suspicious approach like this does the best job.

Citings, examples, and explanations.

One of the last things to do is to leave readers clueless. You just watched a movie about the Turing machine but still don’t understand why Alan Turing was building this, you’d rate this movie 5/10 on IDMBs for sure. What’s the point of creating something to share but you alone understand it, right? Make your work as the easiest to understand as possible, explain it, and if the matter couldn’t do that, try using an example. Because it doesn’t matter if your piece of writing is valuable, or full of well-researched information, if the readers feel unrelated, they are highly likely to close your tab midway.

Another thing is, everything is all in your head. How can you convince anyone to believe what you have to say without any proof? It’s even worse if you are a well-credited person in society but spill something that could be simply false information or easily misleading. Citing not only makes your writing more reliable but also provides another way for readers who need more information to follow. Without a source or citing, your writing would be treated like fan fiction. And you know what? Fan fictions nowadays have a lot of research.

Miscellaneous guidelines for guest posting.

  • Word – Should be contained at least 500 words, 1000+ would be great!
  • Topic – Pitch us your heading and idea, we would like to review and approve before you start crafting. Please note, sensitive subject su as porn, drug, gambling, etc., are not permitted.
  • Head and Subhead – Give your article proper title, H1, and H2 are also required.
  • Formatting – Each paragraph should contain 4 sentences maximum, and each sentence should not exceed 20 words. Passive voice form of wording is not disallowed but avoiding them would be more reader-friendly.
  • Links – 2 external links would be enough, you can add another link to your blog or website in your bio.
  • Revision – Unless the information is outdated, incorrect or misleading, we don’t usually allow revisioning. If it’s the case, we would make a change on our end.
  • Originality – We accept only unpublished content, but once your content is live on our site, you can publish it on your personal blog ONLY, and kindly link to our site. Adding a statement saying we are the first place to publish your content would be awesome!

Use our contact form below to pitch us your idea, we will get in touch as soon as possible.