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When Should I Plant Grass Seed In Sydney?


Planting a garden and growing a lush and immaculate lawn from seed isn’t as easy as you might imagine. It isn’t just a case of planting the seeds and waiting for nature to run its course. If you wish to plant and impressive garden, then you’re going to need the following handy tips to help you through it.

Growing Grass In Sydney

Growing grass in Sydney is simple enough provided you follow the guidelines that we will lay out shortly. The main thing however, is the maintenance once your lawn is established. The amount of maintenance required will of course, depend on the type of grass that you opt for (which we will also discuss after this section).

Think of your lawn as your body, or your relationships: they require a certain amount of maintenance in order to keep them fresh and healthy. Neglect the appropriate care and your lawn will soon fall into disrepair and all of your previous hard work will go to waste.

The application of a correctly balanced lawn fertilizer during the active growth season, coupled with light (but frequent) fertilizing throughout the rest of the year, is better than a heavy and irregular approach.

In addition to that, it is important that you don’t make the mistake that most people make and cut your lawn too close. You should also be careful not to cut a freshly seeded lawn to soon as well. Only once the lawn is properly established, should you cut to 2.5cm during the warm seasons, and 4cm throughout winter. As a rule of thumb, remember to mow regularly, and not too deeply.

It is also important to water your lawn effectively, providing deep and thorough soakings occasionally, rather than frequent sprinklings that just don’t quite hit the spot.

These tips are important for maintaining a healthy lawn but what are the best growing grass seeds, what is the best way to plant them, and when is the right time? Read on the find out more!

Best Grass Seed For Sydney Lawns

What is the best growing grass seed? Which are the most popular varieties in Sydney and which is best suited to your tastes and requirements? Creating a gorgeous lawn that you can be proud of begins here, by selecting the perfect grass variety for your climate, conditions, and of course, personal preferences. Here are some of the most popular grass types in Australia that we would recommend exploring:

Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu is a grass type that loves plenty of sun, heat, and humidity. Sound familiar? Kikuyu is a great choice when you want a super durable and fast-growing grass type. That said, it can be rather invasive, so you have to be careful of that. In addition to that, Kikuyu can grow rather well in poor soil types, making it incredibly flexible.

Couch grass

Couch grass is a low-maintenance grass type that is affordable and soft to the touch. When well-fertilized and regularly mowed that is. Couch has strong underground runners and as a result, it is very good at repairing itself (ideal for high-traffic areas).

Buffalo grass

A nice Buffalo turf is one of our favourites. Buffalo grass is a wide leaf blade variety and is available as a soft leaf alternative, such as Matilda, Sapphire, and Palmetto, all of which provide a robust lawn type that is easy to maintain, and even easier on the eyes.

Zoysia grass

Zoysia is a warm-season grass that is drought resistant, tolerant to salt, and loves the heat. This type of grass doesn’t require an awful lot of mowing or fertilizing and yet can maintain a stunning aesthetic all year round. Not only that, but this grass type can withstand a fair amount of traffic with a fast recovery rate.

Best Way To Plant Grass Seed

So, what is the best way to plant grass seeds? It’s simple really. Once your soil is ready, be sure to rake it in straight lines, thus creating shallow furrows throughout. In order to encourage germination, spread some quality lawn-starter fertilizer as recommended by the manufacturer. Following that, you need to separate the grass seed into equal amounts. Then, spread the first batch of seeds in one direction, and then spread the second lot at a right angle to the first. This will ensure that the grass seed is distributed evenly.

It can be difficult to tell where you have left seed and where you haven’t if both the soil and seed are dark. A good trick is to mix some fine white sand into the seed mix in order to make it more visible when you are scattering it into the soil. That way, you can keep better track of where you are at.

Once you have finally got the seeds down into the soil, you can then cover them by raking the surface of the soil. Then you’ll want to water the area, twice daily, with a fine mist, until the seedlings visibly take hold and start sprouting. Following that, your newly seeded lawn should be established within at least eight weeks!

Best Time To Plant Grass Seed In Sydney

What is the best time to plant lawn seed? Ideally, you’ll want to plant the seed in the springtime through most parts of Australia, as the weather will be mild and the grass has enough time to establish itself under these optimum conditions. You don’t want to have to sow seeds when temperatures are either too hot or too cold. Spring, is indeed the best time to put down grass seed.

The fact is, sowing seeds in the colder months makes it much harder for the grass to form and begin growing an active root system. Then, of course, growing seeds when the temperature is far too hot, the heat will put a great deal of stress on the grass and creates a higher water demand.

If you are still unclear, you can seek advice from Sydney based turf supplier for more information.

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