Hair salon enlists counselor as clients emotional issues spill over to staff


Since most of her customers have a tendency to share all the happenings and problems of their lives with her employees, Lauren MacKellin, owner of a hair salon in Melbourne has decided to enroll all her employees in a counseling course so that they are able to deal with the clients in a better way. As per Lauren, her staff has to deal with their customers’ problems on a regular basis and it is taking a toll on them. She believes that a counseling course will improve their listening and social skills. They will be able to understand the emotional needs of the clients and handle the entire situation in a better way.

There has always been a close relationship between hairdressers and their clients. Since there is nothing much to do apart from just sitting on the chair, all customers prefer to talk with their hairdressers to pass the time. As per Lauren, it is her responsibility to look after her employees. Apart from making sure that the clients are satisfied with her service, it is also her responsibility to make sure that all her staff is satisfied with their job.
As per psychologist, Georgia Foster, customers prefer to talk so much with their hairdressers because it gives them the opportunity to release tension with someone who is not a part of their daily life.
And as per Georgina, any profession where you have to deal one on one with clients can be extremely tiring. Hence, for hairdressers, it is very important to frequently take breaks or do other relaxing things like joining yoga classes or meditation sessions.

Georgina also appreciates Lauren’s effort of helping her staff by enrolling them in counseling sessions. When the staff is provided with the right tools and strategies, they feel more supported. And happy employees will automatically lead to happy customers.

Here are a few valuable tips from Georgia Foster on how to communicate with customers:
1. Make sure that you are attentive and listen to everything that the client has to say. Nod your head or say ” OK” to let them know that you are listening. And never judge your customers.
2. They may often say things which will shock you completely. However, make sure that you act completely normal. Don’t let them know that you are shocked.

3. You should also let them know that you are a certified counselor. After knowing this, they will be able to talk with you more freely.

4. You should avoid making suggestions. Your suggestions may turn out to be bad. Hence, there is no need to suggest anything as such.
5. And in case you are willing to make suggestions, then you can suggest them to join a meditation class or a yoga class. They are very effective.

6. In order to reduce their pain, you can talk about a story which is worse, so that they feel more grateful.

7. Even if the situation is very negative, try to find something positive out of it to cheer them up.
8. In order to cheer them up, you can also talk about funny things and take the conversation in a positive direction.

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