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The Percentage of Australian Married Couples Divorcing is on the Rise


Unfortunately the question of how to avoid divorce often only gets asked by couples when it’s almost too late to save the relationship. Only after years of neglect, growing further apart, disintegrating sex lives, and a lack of communication does it get to the point of one or both partners start contemplating divorce. THEN we ask ourselves how to avoid a divorce! But let’s have a look at how to prevent divorce before it gets too late:

How to Avoid Divorce (1) – Do Your Research

Nobody just magically knows beyond all doubt what they need to do to have a fantastic relationship. Most of us just make it up as we go along, and cross our fingers that it’s the right thing to do. So why don’t you do some research to take this element of doubt about the right thing to do out of the equation. The question of how to avoid divorce then becomes a whole lot clearer!

There are tons of websites, books, DVDs, free courses you can consult, in private, to improve your understanding of what you both need to do to keep your relationship healthy.

How to Avoid Divorce (2) – Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Empathy is one of the best skills you can learn to avoid divorce and strengthen your relationship. This means you learn how to put yourself in your partners’ shoes, think about how your actions may make them feel, and see what you can change about yourself to improve your relationship. If both of you do this, you will get much further than with the standard “you always do X and never do Y” arguments…

How to Avoid Divorce (3) – Do Unto Others…

… as you would have others do unto you. It’s an excellent point when talking about what makes a good marriage and helps avoid divorce. You need to work at fulfilling your partners’ needs, and you will find that they will reciprocate. In general, men need respect, positive reinforcement and a feeling of being needed, while women need to feel loved and cherished, and want to feel their partner is devoted to them. If both of you are fulfilling one another’s’ needs, the question of how to avoid divorce will never arise.

How to Avoid Divorce (4) – Prioritize Your Time

We have so many other demands on our time nowadays that you need to make time for your relationship. Date nights, shared activities or interests, simple walks together, downloading your day after work to each other – they all need to be done to ensure you both continue to co-exist as a couple, and not start leading independent lives.

How to Avoid Divorce (5) – Pick Your Battles

My wife and I didn’t live together before marriage. We spent the first six months of marriage bickering about how the other cleaned the bathroom, switched off the computer, brands of laundry detergent, and other such essential subjects. As a couple you will have a lot of potential conflicts – you need to decide which are worth letting go and which is worth bringing up. Give each other some leeway sometimes eh? It doesn’t all come y naturally’know

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