What are the benefits of booking an airport shuttle transfer service from Cairns (CNS) to Port Douglas?


When planning a trip to Port Douglas, your main focus is likely going to be which—out of all of the amazing options—sights you want to see first! There are so many things to do, from snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, to exploring the Daintree Rainforest and paddling down the Mossman River. 

However, the first thing that you must consider, is how you’re going to get from the Cairns (CNS) Airport to Port Douglas. Once you’ve got this first hurdle out of the way, you can then focus on all of the wonderful excursions you can squeeze into your holiday! 

Our recommendation would be to book Cairns airport transfers to Port Douglas that are available to you. This is arguably the easiest and most affordable means of travel compared to the other alternatives. But why? Is an airport transfer shuttle service really the best option for you? What are the benefits? Here’s everything you need to know…

Peace of mind 

The primary benefit of booking an airport shuttle transfer service from Cairns to Port Douglas is the peace of mind that you will get. So that way, when catching your flight and in transit, you can rest assured that when you touch down at Cairns, the final leg of your journey is booked and taken care of. 

As soon as you get off the plane and collect your bags, you’ll be on your way to Port Douglas and ready to start ticking things off your bucket list

Convenience guaranteed

An airport transfer is arguably the most convenient means of getting from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas. You have the comfort and convenience of loading your baggage onto an air-conditioned bus and then enjoying a direct transfer to your accommodation. It really is as simple as that! 

Safety & security 

There are few options as safe and secure as leveraging a reputable airport transfer service. Your bags will be safe and you will be under the expert care of a professional driver who has made the journey between Cairns and Port Douglas countless times! 

If you’d rather not drive on unfamiliar roads, then an airport transfer is a safe and comfortable alternative, for your convenience. 

Flexibility for all budgets 

There are a number of budgetary options for airport transfers that will suit everyone. You have the option of booking a private transfer and having a luxury vehicle all to yourself, or alternatively, you can save some money by booking yourself onto one of the shared airport shuttle transfer buses instead. 

Whatever you decide, you’ll be certain to find a transfer service that will suit your available budget. 

Paid for in advance 

When your transportation is paid for in advance via debit card online, you don’t need to worry about having cash ready when you arrive at the airport. That way, not only do you know exactly what you have paid already, but you won’t be caught off-guard with any unexpected fees (the average taxi prices researched online may vary from what you are quoted when you arrive and flag a taxi down outside the airport). 

No hidden charges or extra costs 

When hiring a car to drive yourself, you’re going to have to pay to refill the tank of gas – in addition to the cost to hire the car itself. On the other hand, when you book an airport transfer service, you only pay for the transfer itself. There are no hidden charges or extra costs involved! 

Guaranteed availability 

Having your transfer booked in advance is so much better because you can relax in the knowledge that your space on the bus is guaranteed via your secure booking. If you choose not to book any transportation in advance, you run the risk of availability issues when you arrive. 

For example, the airport shuttle service at the time of your arrival might be fully booked – and thus you’ll need to wait for the next available. Or, it could be that all of the taxis are busy and you end up having to wait for 30-minutes to an hour before you can find a transfer to Port Douglas. 

No unnecessary paperwork 

Can you think of anything worse than arriving at Cairns Airport after a long and tiresome journey, only to have to fill out a tonne of tireless paperwork before you can collect the keys, load the car, and move on to the next phase of your journey? 

With an airport shuttle transfer service, you can simply present your booking information, and voila – you are all set to get on the bus and enjoy a nice, easy ride to Port Douglas. 

Direct drop-off to your accommodation 

While there are certain restrictions (some transfer services do not drop off at certain accommodations in or around Port Douglas), for the most part, you can enjoy a free and easy drop off at your booked accommodation. This means that you can travel directly from your airport to your accommodation without any unnecessary faffing around in between! 

Accommodation pick-up and return journey 

Another great benefit to booking your airport transfer shuttle service in advance is the fact that you can take care of both the initial and return journey in one booking. So, if you know how long you plan to stay in Port Douglas and when your return flight is, you can ensure that there is a shuttle bus waiting to pick you up from your accommodation and take you back to Cairns Airport with plenty of time to get checked in and onto your flight home. Perfect for those who like to know that everything is in hand and well taken care of. 


As you can see, booking an airport shuttle service in advance is a smart and convenient option for getting from Cairns to Port Douglas. To recap: 

  • Peace of mind
  • Convenience guaranteed
  • Safety & security
  • Flexibility for all budgets 
  • Paid for in advance
  • No hidden charges or extra costs
  • Guaranteed availability
  • No unnecessary paperwork
  • Direct drop-off at your accommodation
  • Accommodation pick-up and return journey sorted. 


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