How to recolor your house


It really is quite amazing how a change in the overall colour scheme and style that you use in your home can completely change your perspective on it. After all it makes sense when you think about it that being a flat and uniform surface the only thing that it really has in terms of any feature is what colour you decide to coat it with. So before you consider drastic action like remodeling or moving, why not consider the prospect of just redecorating and restyling the colors around your house? While it sounds like an inviting and cheap task that you could do yourself, however in terms of planning the best way to create a vibrant and complimentary style through all of the different rooms of your house requires a fair bit of forethought.

Decorating can sometimes be something of a double edged sword, if you get it right and you find that perfectly complimentary and flowing colour scheme that ties every room of your house together then it can look fantastic and even add value to your homes resale price. However if you get it wrong you can end up changing the entire atmosphere of your house for the worse and  can make rooms feel dingy, dark or cramped. So let’s take a look at some of the easier ways to avoid this

Plan the whole house not just the room

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest no-no’s during this process is to view each room as a separate entity from the rest of the house. As you could imagine, by doing this you will ruin any natural flow of colour and aesthetics from room to room, also the overriding problem with this is that it will end up creating separate atmospheres in each room some of which may clash and make your home feel slightly confusing and less coordinated. This doesn’t mean that you should paint every single room the same way however you should really consider linking all of the rooms together with some kind of shared or uniform feature in every room.

Ideally you should decide on what kind of look and tone you want to achieve through the whole house and how you can make that theme carry on through the whole property. Always make sure that you limit the mixing of severely clashing tones (such as light and dark) or indeed clashing colours at least in the same room.

Get a professional

Now when it comes to painting and decorating, everybody likes to think that it’s something that they can do themselves, and in a lot of cases you can. If its painting a single large wall or a door in your house then the likelihood is that you could do that yourself. However when it comes to planning, organizing and coordinating an entire house’s worth of walls, rooms, fixtures and fittings it can be more than the average person can cope with themselves and it will definitely pay in the, long run to lo0ok into hiring a professional painting and decorating company to do the work for you as they will most likely have the breadth of experience and practical knowhow to efficiently and professionally complete the work to a high standard.

It’s important that you look at the very best companies in your area and expect to pay slightly more for the prospect of having a job well done rather than having to pay for the work to be done again. If you look online you can no doubt find a list of locally registered painters to help you find specific contractors and look at reviews of their previous clients.


Limit your expectations

Obviously painting the rooms will change the look and feel of your home enormously, however it won’t fix all of the problems in your home and sometimes the redecoration process can uncover additional problems that need to be rectified before the work can be completed.  Things like mold and plaster collapse can ruin your plans outright so it’s important that before you go making grand plans is to asses whether ort not your home is actually ready or suitable to be redecorated at this point or whether you could save that money and spend it on effectively fixing the issues that are preventing you from restyling. So be realistic and keep your expectations that way too.




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