Mindful Employee Welcome Packs

Our Mindful Employee Welcome Packs are for businesses who value their connection with people above all else and want their new hire to know they belong and that you believe in their ability to make the business and themselves better.


corporate mindfulness - More than Just lunchtime yoga

Mindfulness is proven to lower stress levels, increase well-being, improve health and be more present, but its part in improving workplace performance and reducing the presenteeism epidemic is often overlooked. Our Employee Welcome Packs are designed to:

  • Introduce your new hire to the practices of mindfulness

  • Help you give the best on-boarding experience for new staff

  • Encourage goal setting and mission alignment to improve staff retention beyond the probationary period

What’s in the Pack?


Our Employee Welcome packs are unashamedly Old School - in order to truly be present, set goals and practice gratitude, we believe time away from technology is key. Our pack helps your new team member to achieve that, as well as giving them the opportunity to get clear about what part they play in your story

The Welcome Pack includes:

- A stunning cotton covered A5 Journal to encourage the practice of reflection and gratitude

- Journal Prompt card to get started with the practice of journaling

- A set of self-focussed affirmation cards, designed with the science of brain care in mind

- A book from a carefully chosen selection on mindfulness, leadership and goal setting