My life has since changed after my parents divorced.


My parent’s divorce is one of the best things that has happened to me.

If your parents haven’t divorced, then the idea of them separating is unimaginable.

Divorce is more like losing a loved one because as soon the event takes effect, it is followed by deep grief owning the fact that the said person would not be around all the time with you. However, for me, it is a little bit different. I am happy, and when I revealed this to my friends who have both parents together, they were shocked. They wondered how I was happy living without the two people who raised me. Nonetheless, there are several reasons to explain this.

Being a child of divorcees, I have learned very many things. First, on several occasions, I have been seeing my mother fighting for her happiness, even when it was not logical. I thought it was sensible for her to stay with my father during the time of breakup. She did not have any job and a license. I was only eighteen months old when both my parents acquired their home.

Nonetheless, my mother made a decision deemed brave to many out there. My brother and I later learned that the decision she made was for us to be happy in life.

The life was not easy though. She made lots of sacrifices to see us through in life. Truly, we did not know the reason(s) as to why they divorced until when we were a little older.

One day as we were relaxing, I asked here, “why are you and dad not living together?” Before she answered, tears were already rolling down. She alluded that dad loved her very much, but one fateful day, he hurt her by kissing someone behind her back. My brother and I later learned that this was biggest regret in life for my father.

My mother was brave never to allow her feelings to shape our lives. In fact, I have never seen my parents disagree, urge, or even say anything bad about each other, something that has shown my brother and me what to look forward from a stable relationship.

My first relationship either went in a similar situation. During that time, my mother’s heart broke for me. I quickly remembered what my mom had gone through and gained strength to make informed decisions. My mum gave up everything just to be happy, and for sure, I could get through this situation if she could.

You could think that we had enough money when we were young, but we did not know that. In fact, I remember one night during the winter when the power went off. My mother had improvised ingenious ways of keeping the house warm using the fire. We did not realise that there was no power in our house because my mother could not pay the electricity bill. Despite that, they struggled through thick and hard to see us through in life. My divorced parents taught me matters about financial struggle as well the importance of family and happiness.

Throughout my life, I have been able to see both sides of an argument, be it social or political issues. Now, I can see the world in broad perspective thanks to my different parenting networks. My parents had polar opposite opinions that let me wonder how they would have been living together. I thank my mum for the inspiration she has instilled in me. Through her, I have known how to follow my dreams and never surrender in life.

Lastly, through my split family, I have learnt to have meaningful and stronger relationship throughout my life. Being close to your siblings and struggling alongside them has taught me that no matter hard the life is, they always be your best friend.

Divorce has made me learn how to live with stepparents and the fact that they show me how important you are despite living with people you are not related by blood. Seeing people accept me, care me, and do everything humanly for me has shown me the virtue of doing the same for others in my life.

Currently, I have three more siblings because of my parent’s divorce. During every Christmas, I visit them and spend time with them in the same room. Both my mother and stepmother hang out with each other. The stepfather and my dad both enjoy my drive. In a nutshell, my parents are more happy as friends than when they were living as couples. I can attest that there is something good coming out of taking brave decision and risks.

Now, I cannot imagine my life with my parents living together, it has been so remarkable with them being apart!

Source: Divorce Lawyers Perth

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